If you would like to consider booking the choir in support of an event or particular charity, then in the first instance it is always best to have an informal discussion with the Booking Secretary. (Currently Nigel Parker on 07836 512932).

The choir are normally available for a Friday, Saturday evening or occasional Sunday event, depending principally on the availability of the Music team.

However, we are unable to accept bookings during August except for exceptional reasons.

Most are usually not longer than 90 minutes. There is no interval but guest artists may augment the performance. The concert will comprise an agreed number of items normally not exceeding twelve. These would be discussed with the Musical Director, after a firm booking has been made, and a range selected to be the most suitable for the occasion.

We are always delighted to ‘share’ the platform with other groups or artistes, to ensure the event has the greatest impact.

The choir have their own staging to ensure audience visibility, and always provide their own accompaniment (keyboard and amplification).

The usual charge for a concert is £100 per booking, and this is for the general upkeep of the choir uniforms and the purchase of new music.

We are always keen to support local organisations and charities, and to discuss appearing at an event that might at first appear to be unusual.