A Poem for Anyone Thinking They May Like to Join Us?

Launceston Male Voice Choir.


Launceston Male Voice Choir, they’re quite a friendly bunch,

They practice on a Wednesday night, their sound packs quite a punch.

Tenors at the top, singing sweetly like a bell,

Basses at the bottom, their sound deep as the darkest well.

These book end other harmonies, second tenors and baritone,

Diligently they practice, their sound, a skill they hone.


A very important double act are Jonathan and his wife Lis,

MD and accompanist, they truly are the biz.

Together they encourage, support, and educate,

Fun, fellowship, and finesse are traits they advocate.

Let’s not forget the other Liz who just sits quietly by,

Always on hand to turn a page, checking socks, or straightening a tie.

This completes the team. A band of brothers born of song,

A fellowship of friendships, that lasts their whole life long.


They travel far and wide, their goal to entertain,

And if money is raised for charity, well that’s just an extra gain.

A village Hall, the Albert Hall, Cathedral, Church, or Chapel

There is no place too big or small for their logistics team to grapple.

From festival to weddings, just name any special occasion,

Their passion is to sing and spread the joy of celebration.

What more is there to say? what more for me to tell?

Well done, you loveable boys, and don’t you all look well.


Written by Ingrid Bray who is reserve MD in Jonathan’s absence also a baritone’s wife.  

Ingrid is MD of Side-by-Side, a ladies choir from Whitstone.